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Mentorship in technology is broken. Many minorities feel unwelcome in tech. The number of women in technology is actually decreasing. The only solution which is proven to increase positive outcomes is mentorship. Unfortunately, winners in tech either don’t realize their help is needed or don’t know how to get started. Beginners are often afraid to ask for help or don’t know where to find it. We at Hack The People bring together mentors and mentees. We’re teaching mentors to improve their interactions with mentees and teaching mentees how to develop real relationships with their mentors.

Hack The People Foundation is in the process of forming a nationwide network of small mentor/mentee (M&M) groups.  These groups will provide a helping hand to the full spectrum of the technical community.  We are helping you find the support you need to advance and share your knowledge and expand your skill sets.

You’re going to be welcomed and accepted at our M&Ms.  There’s a written code of conduct that everyone must agree and adhere to, or risk losing their ability to participate in Hack The People. You’ll be pushed, challenged, given information that no one dared to give you before, and you will certainly at some point fall flat on your face. Guess what. You’ll learn.

We are a group of people dedicated to helping promote fabulous mentor/mentee relationships in tech!

Who we are: our team


Liz Dahlstrom – President – @tanglisha
Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack – Secretary – @tarah
Paul Watts – Board Member – @joulespersecond

National Meetup Coordinator

Tina Kumar – @tinamkumar

Local Organizers

Catalina Laverde, New York City, NY – @cataladu

Joshua McQuiston – Portland, OR – @mcquistonator

Amanda Houle – Portland, OR – @whyqqqqq

Tina Kumar – Seattle, WA – @tinamkumar


Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack – @tarah


Katherine Vance

Newsletter / Blog

Ruomu Zhang