Best Followers in Skyrim You can’t miss

Bethesda’s masterpiece, Skyrim, is a really attention-grabbing sport. There’s by no means an absence of actions you’ll be able to partake in, and there are actually 1000’s of various methods you’ll be able to go about in the sport. But even with that a lot to do, the Skyrim adventures might get lonely. This is the place Skyrim followers come in – they’re entertaining characters which you can take together with you for an journey. They can journey with you, they’ll combat for you, they’ll carry a few of your objects, and so they can carry out duties for you, relying on the Skyrim follower you select.

Whether you simply need somebody so as to add to the leisure, otherwise you’re in search of a help character or tank that can assist you on tough quests, the Skyrim followers listing has one thing for you. The draw back to that’s that there are just too many followers so that you can find out about, and chances are high you gained’t have the persistence to check out all of them.

Therefore, we’ve created an inventory of the highest 13 finest followers in Skyrim. There’s one thing for everybody, and we’ve made certain to incorporate quite a lot of them. If you aren’t certain which one to take alongside for an journey, be sure you learn our listing of important followers Skyrim, and also you’ll have the ability to simply select afterward!

13 Best Skyrim Followers

1. Cicero


There are loads of the explanation why Cicero is without doubt one of the finest companions you will get in Skyrim. To start with, he’s an murderer, one which has very excessive stats. He’s additionally bought one of the crucial well-developed personalities in the sport. Sure, contemplating he does betray the Dark Brotherhood, he’s not everybody’s cup of tea. But if you happen to’re prepared to look previous that, he’s properly price taking alongside for the journey.

To get him, it’s best to end the Dark Brotherhood questline, then spare him on the Dawnstar Sanctuary. Note, nevertheless, that you possibly can kill him, and also you’ll get one of many two unnamed initiates of the Dark Brotherhood. Both of them have Cicero’s stats, and killing him additionally offers you his Jester set that’s closely enchanted. Another factor to notice is that Cicero is marked important – he’s a type of Skyrim followers that may’t die, as they merely fall to the bottom, solely to stand up after a minute or so.

2. Aela


If you’d like an archer, you possibly can select Aela the Huntress as your companion. You can discover her in Jorrvaskr, dwelling of the Companions. You can simply ask her to observe you, however notice that you simply’ll have to have the faction’s questline accomplished earlier than you are able to do that.

As an archer, Aela is sensible. However, there’s no denying that her synergy is healthier with sure participant sorts. For instance, if you happen to’re a mage, and your gameplay depends on conserving your distance, or if you happen to’re an archer, you’ll simply get overwhelmed. However, if you happen to’re a type of frontline fighters who grabs a Warhammer and sprints to battle, she’ll be very happy to shoot a rain of arrows in your enemies from the again line. She is probably not as well-developed as a personality like Cicero, however for some gamers, she’ll be a superb companion.

three. J’Zargo

J Zargo

Just such as you, J’Zargo is an aspiring scholar of the arcane arts. He may be discovered in the College of Winterhold, and he’s a Khajiit mage. In phrases of his ability set, he’s bought a number of the sport’s highest magic abilities, and the ace up his sleeve is a maxed out Destruction stat.

If you need to get him as a companion, it’s fairly simple. Just like many of the different purposeful Skyrim followers, he’ll ask you to do a couple of favors for him. Note, although, that they’re fairly simple and fast. Once J’Zargo considers you to be his buddy, you’ll be able to ask him to observe you. When it involves Skyrim follower stats, J’Zargo is unusual. There are tanks akin to Frea and Farkas, but it’s J’Zargo that has the very best HP stat of any companion. Given how excessive his stats are, it’s a bit unusual that he solely makes use of Apprentice-level spells, however as a companion, he’s nonetheless a strong one, and an excellent character.

four. Vilkas/Farkas

Vilkas Farkas

Now that we talked about Farkas, let’s focus on him and Vilkas. They’re each companions which can be residents of Jorrvaskr and have very comparable combating kinds. It’s normally a matter of which voice actor you want extra.

In phrases of their sport effectiveness, each Vilkas and Farkas are Nord warriors, ones that can get proper in your enemy’s face and absorb loads of injury. There are two primary participant sorts that match properly with them – two-handed skills, so you’ll be able to rapidly incapacitate nearly any enemy, or archers and mages, so you’ll be able to keep at a distance whereas they stand up shut and private. Outside of the Companions questline, they don’t develop an terrible lot, in order that they’re solely helpful as helpers, not associates. Yet, they’re wonderful choices to maintain round, particularly if you happen to’re early in the sport.

5. Mjoll The Lioness

Mjoll The Lioness

If you’re hanging round with all of the thieves in Riften, you may’ve seen Mjoll the Lioness. She’s one of the crucial attention-grabbing Skyrim feminine followers in the sport, and she or he’s taken it as a private objective to eliminate all of the corruption in the city. There are two issues to do if you’d like her as a companion. First, you need to earn her favor, after which, you need to retrieve her misplaced sword. That might sound like a little bit of bother, however she’s properly price it. She’s one other one of many important characters we talked about earlier, also referred to as Skyrim followers that may’t die.

She has a stage cap of 40, and she or he’ll max out each the two-handed abilities and her heavy armor, and with 580 well being, she’s a superb tank if you happen to’re a long-ranged participant. Also, if you happen to’re in her persona, she’s very nice, and she or he’ll inform you numerous tales about her previous.  

6. Sven


Yes, it is a finest Skyrim followers listing, however we simply needed to embody Sven. He’s a Nord bard that performs the lute, and also you’ll encounter him in Riverwood, on the Sleeping Giant Inn, if you’re simply beginning out. You have two selections – both assist him win the center of Camilla, and have him out there as his companion, or assist his rival, Faendal, and Sven turns into unavailable.

He’s of the citizen class, topping out at stage 20, and none of his abilities ever surpass stage 45. He’s not made for battle, which is apparent for the reason that first time you see him, he isn’t even carrying physique armor. It’s like he awoke that morning and determined he needs to go on an journey with completely no preparation in any respect. He’s nonetheless a enjoyable pal to tag together with, although.

7. Barbas


If we’re discussing Skyrim followers and animals, Barbas could be very removed from a canine. He’s truly all however a shapeshifting Daedra. You can discover him on the highway outdoors of Falkreath, and he’ll observe you till you both kill him with the Rueful Axe, otherwise you return him to his grasp. Yes, you bought it proper, Barbas is an invincible quest character.

You can use him as a decoy, however he’ll additionally make fast work of any weaker enemies, in addition to make your fights with stronger ones simpler to handle. Other than that, he’s a poor selection for thieves on condition that he can detect you if you’re stealing. Last however not least, technically, he isn’t a follower, so that you’re getting a further companion in the sport.

eight. Serana


Serana is one other one of many important followers Skyrim has to supply, and she or he comes in the Dawnguard DLC. She’s one of many Daughters of ColdHarbour, and she or he pledged herself to Molag Bal, changing into a pure-blooded vampire. Until you end the principle Dawnguard questline, don’t anticipate her to have the total set of follower instructions.

She’s a strong necromancer and may elevate corpses that can assist you in battles. Also, give her a powerful dagger or sword – she resorts to a melee weapon if she runs out of magicka. Outside of the fight, she will additionally work together together with her setting, or you’ll be able to have her chunk the Dragonborn and switch them in a Vampire Lord.

9. Teldryn Sero


Teldryn Sero is the Dunmer on our Skyrim followers listing. He’s a mercenary and spellsword which you can rent for 500 cash. He tops out at a stage 60, making him a pressure to be reckoned with. His ability set and sophistication make him a good larger menace, as he’s each a savvy swordsman, and has Firebolt and Flame. To spherical out his ability set, he’ll offer you some distinctive feedback on numerous cities as you journey by the sport.

10. Frea


Another one of many important followers Skyrim offers you to select from, Frea is a Nord shaman yow will discover in Solstheim. She’s solely out there if you happen to personal the Dragonborn DLC, although, and she or he doesn’t have a stage cap. You might move a persuasion examine, or bribe her after “The Fate of the Skaal”, and she or he’ll turn out to be a everlasting follower. She’s smarter than most followers, and may twin wield weapons, making her an excellent companion.

11. Cosnach


Cosnach is solely put, a drunken Breton. He’ll problem the Dragonborn to a fistfight, and wager 100 cash. If you beat him, he’ll observe you free of charge. He has a stage cap of 30, and he’s an attention-grabbing character, but merely a median warrior. Also, he’s fairly impolite and can at all times beg for cash for drinks. You’ll simply discover higher followers, however he’s nice if you wish to have amusing now and again.

12. Stenvar


If you’re in search of a fighter, few are higher than Stenvar, a rugged mercenary. He’s bought numerous Stamina that enables him to remain in the combat. His stats are nice in heavy armor, two-handed, archery, block, well being and stamina, and he’s a extremely sturdy follower. You can discover him on the second flooring of Candlehearth Hall, in Windhelm. If you desire a beefy tank that does numerous injury as a Skyrim follower, that is the one to go for.

13. Jenassa


Jenassa is definitely one of many first followers you’ll come throughout. Like Aela, she’s a grasp archer, and her mild armor and archery abilities are very excessive. Her draw back is that she’ll sacrifice sneak for stamina, however she does have Aela beat in each stamina and HP. If you’re in having her as your Skyrim follower, yow will discover her in Whiterun, in the Drunken Huntsman. She may be recruited if you happen to pay her 500 gold.