Get Involved

Get involved by volunteering your time, help sponsoring and hosting meetup groups, or making a donation that will help us run and grow Hack The People further.

Volunteer With Us

We are always seeking volunteers that want to either start a chapter in a new city, or donate their time to support Hack The People Foundation in other ways.

Sponsor a Hack The People meetup

Here’s how your company can help Hack The People Foundation reach more people in a greater number of places. Hack The People Foundation tries to give our sponsors business love by tweeting, blogging, and spreading the word about their company.  If you have any additional ways in which you would like to help, please contact us at

Space To Host

We’re always looking to start Meetups in new cities and the biggest barrier is finding a space to meet.  By providing a space to host a once a month 2.5 hour meetup with a max headcount of 16 will help Hack The People Foundation reach more people.  Additionally, by hosting a meetup your company will increase their exposure and ties in the tech community.  We allow the sponsors of our spaces to give an elevator pitch about their company during the meetup.

Food For Meetups

Developers are a hungry bunch, and although we always head out for food & drinks after the meetup, the sharing of food during the meeting adds to the sense of community.  We’re looking for individuals or companies that are willing to sponsor a local meetup by either providing beverages && (pizza || sandwiches || ice cream || cupcakes) every month or make a small monthly donation of $25 – $100 towards food. We accept donations via Pay Pal (see sidebar Donation button).